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How to Become an SEO Consultant

It’s been awhile since my last post on this blog because I was really busy experimenting things. It was not that easy embracing SEO in every corners of its game depending on its respective search engine algorithms. Search Engines always updated their guidelines from time to time and it's really hard adapting my way through it, especially that I've already used to its old rules. As an SEO Practitioner here in the Philippines, I should make ways in order to abide every guidelines they provide. It's also good to know that they're not eliminating Search Engine Optimization after all but rather embracing it all along. It's also good to know that I was on the right path ever since I started advance SEO way back 2010. 

Let's cut the story short, here’s my 10 basic SEO tips for you to consider:


  • Always abide search engine algorithm set rules and guidelines.
  • Always use SEO White hat Methods.
  • Always update your SEO skills by following authoritative SEO resources.
  • Always follow authoritative SEO Consultants and experts all the time.
  • Be patient and don't be hasty.
  • Don't become what other's hate.
  • Don't stop until you become an SEO Expert.
  • Don't use SEO Black hat Methods but learn it.
  • Find every possibilities in order to make it right.
  • Teach other SEO practitioners to keep the flames of SEO.

SEO 101: How to Prevent Hackers and Boosting Your Online Security Tips

buzzoole code

I would just like to share my knowledge to everyone who's interested on boosting their security against fradulent and other hacking approach and methodologies. These important tips are very useful to anyone who's working 24/7 online or has an online business that needs it. I wrote this article because I've experienced the same these past few months and this article may help others as well. This is not that 100% working but it can really help people who has only using home security means at low-cost.


In order to combat or prevent these so-called fraudulent practices, one should really learn and understand how its system works. Research is really one good key to start with, understanding everything would really be an ace to this kinds of game. I've unraveled some important tips along the way and would like to share it to everyone.


20 Basic Anti-Hacking Tips to Absorb in Our Hearts & Minds:


  1. Always check and secure your email address by activating second verification factor or its equivalent.
  2. Activate mobile or phone verifications system on your email account.
  3. Don't just integrate one email address to your main email, use at least 3 or more email accounts for verification purposes.
  4. Find the best Anti-logger software to combat phishing and key-loggers.
  5. Always use the best suited Firewall for your machine.
  6. Only install trusted software manufacturers.
  7. Learn to use encryption and security certificates.
  8. Organize your files and secure them in a compressed file format.
  9. Learn to use security plugins for your browsers and get accustomed with it.
  10. Boost your basic operating system security.
  11. Always remember to only use one firewall at a time.
  12. Learn how to route your network.
  13. Learn how to change your device's Mac Address.
  14. Learn to use Mac Filtering security measures.
  15. Safe keep your verification codes and certificates in an external drive and duplicate it.
  16. Do not divulge your private data online.
  17. Use usernames in order to hide your true identity details.
  18. Learn to use port redirections.
  19. Using different passwords and secret codes.
  20. Always back-up your files.

SEO in the Philippines

SEO Maniac in the Philippines

I'd like to remove the "in" and "the" in this article's title but I've realized that it's better to have it on because Search Engines are also evolving accordingly. An example for this would be Google's Panda, Penguin and "HummingBird" Search Engine Updates that are out there. My point here is that these recent Google updates are very strict when it comes to quality content combating "webspam" and all other illegal approach as to what Google's Webmasters set of rules and policies.

In order to get rid of those inappropriate methodologies, we should learn how to absorb everything that might raise a flag over those search engines and refrain from it. Basically, we should apply the most natural approach and make good quality contents resulting to superb results.


10 Basic SEO Tips To Absorb and Understand:


  1. Content Flexibility - your generated contents must always be flexible for everyone to understand including Search Engine Robots as well.
  2. Technical Writing - correct grammar, punctuations, and sentence structuring on your contents.
  3. Frequency - use natural way on posts and updates so that Search Engine Bots would determine natural frequencies.
  4. Accordance - use the best search-engine-friendly approach all the time to make sure that Search Engines would never penalized your work.
  5. Uniqueness - be creative when it comes to delivering any results.
  6. Planning - make sure that everything are on a step-by-step basis.
  7. Organized - always have in mind that having an organized structure is always better than a chaotic one.
  8. Maintenance - always make room for this in order to gain deeper understanding to your desired plan.
  9. Research - try to find ways in order to create something new.
  10. Development - implement the new things that is relevant.


It's for you to implement and absorb those SEO tips that I'm sharing now. I've gained these for not only being an experienced SEO Consultant, SEO Blogger, SMO Consultant in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines all these years but for being passionate is the real key. If you have questions and concerns, don't hesitate to search and contact me using this search syntax on any search engines SEO Maniac.

SEO Maniac Google Plus Custom URLs Targeting Local Area in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Google + Custom URL

My Google Plus Profile has been activated! Google has finally decided to let its users change it. I've also changed my Google Plus SEO Maniac Page to this new Google Plus Custom URL from this image below:
Google+ SEO Maniac Page


The only thing I was surprised of was about my SEO Maniac Google Plus Page, Google was the one to pick my custom URL and there's no option to change it that is why I have no option but to take their suggested customized URL for my page that cannot be changed in the future.


For more information regarding Google Plus Custom URL, visit their link here

SEO Expert Over Google HummingBird Update in the Philippines


SEO Philippines On Google Hummingbird Update

How Can An SEO Specialist in the Philippines Deal with Google's "HummingBird" Update?

I've been in the Search Engine Marketing Industry here in the Philippines for quite some time now and I've been studying how Google updates their search engine for several years. I can only say that their developers are really aiming for a result that could be benefitted by everyone. They are really doing their best out of it and they were thinking out of their own boxes. As an SEO Practitioner, my aim was also to get along with all their recent updates because I know that they are doing that on purpose.

Understanding How the Google's Hummingbird Update Works

Google announced that Google "Hummingbird Update" rolled out about a month ago last September 26, 2013. Moz  believed it was rolled in between August 20, 2013 because of their MozCast Spike.

So why did they chose "Hummingbird"?

Danny Sullivan stated that "Google told us the name come from being “precise and fast.” on a Search Engine Land's article titled  FAQ: All About The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm. On that same article, it was also said that "Pagerank" was only one of over 200 major ingredients incorporated on Hummingbird.

Conversational Search and Knowledge Graph Improvement?

They have combined Penguin, Panda and all other updates into it. The new thing about this recent update was they improved their " Conversational Search" algorithm and its Knowledge Graph Improvement.

How Will An SEO Consultant or Practitioner Deal With Hummingbird?

Always remember the main objective of Google and to get along with that. Do not do "webspam" techniques and stay on the the so-called SEO White Hat strategies. I'll show some of my SEO Secrets tips that I recently dug up.
Here are some SEO tips for you that might help get along with Google's "Hummingbird" Update:

High Quality SEO Services with Post Penguin 2.0 Strategies


SEO Maniac - SEO Services


Unique Search Engine On-page & Off-page Optimization Services

One of the most important element with regards Search Engine Optimization services is the uniqueness of your contents. This must be taken seriously unlike before whereas web spamming can never be determined from high quality linking with good intentional approach in order to help users and search engines as well.

Relevant Keyword Researching and Targeting

This is a very important element when it comes to Social Search Engine Optimization (Social Media and Search Engine Optimization). In order for you to rank well on your desired niches, you must target long-tailed keywords that indicates medium traffic before going for the short-tailed terms. It needs to be precise and concise when you research for your desired synonyms and antonyms. One Social SEO Secrets here is to include it later on your meta keywords.

Creative Content Creations and Curations

In order to optimize your articles, you'll need to add sparks in it; such as images, info-graphics, or even inserted video would do. You can also add relevant links towards relevant sources that helps its readers understand. You must not also disregarded search engine bots. This will also help decreases your bounce rate on your Google Analytic.

Content Discovery Optimizations and Innovations

This is mainly focused on on-page optimization. You must be focused on your article's topic and must devise your own strategic keywords placements. This will help your article as well as your website rank well in every search engine. Content Discovery Optimization is another factor that we need to consider since the Google Penguin 2.0 update.

Strategic and Relevant Meta Placements

Putting up spam links has really tainted Search Engine Optimization Industry that is why Google has balanced it through their updated search engine bots that determines a white hat process from black hat process or globally known as web spam. Having these strategic and relevant meta placements not only help its readers but as well as search engine robots or bots that can also boosts site rankings on its desired keywords or niche.

Online Reputation Management and Vigilant Name Branding

Social Media Marketing as strengthen ever since it was introduced to us. Companies including small businesses are migrating themselves online in order to boost larger targeted consumers. Vigilant Name Branding must be chosen wisely in order to rise amongst your competitors. Online Reputation Management must be taken seriously in order to prevent negative feedback from your specific consumers.

High Quality Manual Link Building and Broken Link Building

Dreaded Google Search Engine Updates has shaken every corners of Search Engine Marketing Industry and this required them to submit with such rules in order to harnessed the industry. This will surely separates the white side of link building from its opposite. High Quality is really important in order to combat web spam.

Online Groups, Forums, and Community Engagements & Interactions

Social Media Engagements has been recognized to be one of the most convincing search engine optimization factor on ranking websites today. This has also brought back the spirit of forums and online community values which has been stripped several years ago by web spam using black hat tools.

Social Media Channeling

One of the most traffic magnet on today's Social Search Engine Optimizing processes. This will help companies and small businesses be seen by their consumers. This holds the spirit of social media engagements and interactions.

Unique Social Media Updates, Images, Info-graphic, and Video Sharing

One of the best way to gain online reputations and grades. These are the factors that attracts viewers, buyers, and consumers to a specific business. This also gives traffic to your social media accounts and websites.

List Building

One of the best online traffic magnet to use in order to help everyone reach their desired niches. This can really attract audience to your pages or even posts. List Building has evolved today, giving relevant content discovery to pages and posts.

Top 10 Social Media Tools Recommended By Social SEO Consultants

SEO Maniac Social SEO Consultant Logo


Top 10 Social Media Tools that Social Search Engine Consultants use:


Hootsuite is the leading social media tool experts used. It's easy dashboard helps manage and measure your social networks, manage your multiple social networks, schedule your social media messages and tweets, track every brand mentions, and analyze your social media traffic. Hootsuite will help its satisfied users be on top.


Buffer is one the the most fastest and comprehensible social media tool experts recommends. It helps its user schedule updates for your social medias. You should try Buffer and discover a faster way on your social media approach.


Tweetdeck will help you monitor your Social Media real-time updates and engagements. It's also known to be a social media post scheduler used by some SMM Experts. Experience Tweetdeck and re-discover a better way of social media engagements and interactions.


Feedly is an RSS managing tool used for better RSS reading experience. Its platform is unique and SMM Experts used it to filter desired niches. Learn and re-discover Feedly today and experience advance RSS reading and excitement.


Evernote Web Clipper from Evernote will help its user's save webpage text, links and images. It is one of the desired bookmarking strategy used in Modern Social Media approach. Download the Evernote Web Clipper and re-discover how easier your cyber-life gets with a few clicks.


TweetLevel is a tool that will help you discover influential Tweeters and calculates your influence on Twitter. It also help us analyze conversations and media buzz. Re-discover TweetLevel and experience a new and advance way on knowing your influencers on major social media networking.


ReFollow will helps you re-discover, manage, and protect your Twitter account including its social graph that will gauge your social media experiences. Try ReFollow and boost your Twitter campaign today in a wiser and faster way.


TwitterSearch will help you uncover hot trending topics, track multiple profiles, find out who is talking about you (Mentions), follow conversations of your competitors, follow links from certain "Tweeps", look for the latest trending topic, and helps you find pictures with trending topics. You should try TwitterSearch for a better and convenient Twitter researching.


Social Mention is your real-time of monitoring of keywords, niches and twitter mentions. Get their Social Mention Blog Widget or Social Mention Alert to enhance and take your Twitter experience and expertise to a new and advance level.


Ice Rocket is considered one of the best blog search engine web tool that Social SEO Experts use on searching images and videos across blogs and to all social web. Try Ice Rocket and experience satisfying blogging search results.

SEO Expert Philippines


SEO Maniac

Search Engine Optimization in 2013 is much different from what we've learned in the past years because of those search engine updates that everyone is uncertainly talking about things they shouldn't do as mere precautions. "SEO Specialist" from around the world gather their research and came up with their different points of view on how Search Engine Optimization must be done properly.


Experiment on Keywords Placement to Unravel the Secrets of Search Engine Optimization


This new SEO experiment on keywords "SEO Expert Philippines" will try its way on top if my intuition would be correct despite those recent algorithm changes from our beloved search engines. To tell you honestly, those recent updates prevented me to do massive back-linking and search engine overly optimization.


Search Engine Optimization and its Evolution has driven lots of SEO Consultant including myself to think out of the box and to become creative in ways of optimizing SEO campaigns rather than just being traditional and spam in nature. Such algorithm change and updates has helped everyone become a better publisher, user and readers too. It also guides us towards a better and much brighter SEO Future.


Google Penguin and Panda Updates Reverse Engineering


Panda Update:

  1. Duplicate Text Content (More than 40%)
  2. Duplicate Design (Exact Design)
  3. Thin Text Content with only 2 to 3 sentences and image ads above 500 pixels.
  4. Bland Text Content (No Charts, No Image, No Graphs and no engaging rich contents) or Bad Usage Metrics.
  5. Garbage or Non-sense Pages ( Gibberish or alpha numeric characters only)
  6. Too many Link outs (More than 10 L.O)
  7. Link Rot - Link Outs/ Outbound Links that are linking to spam and useless/ Irrelevant pages (404 or Spam Pages).
Note: If Panda flags your page or goes through, They will take a copy of your index and run Panda with it manually, Panda is like a spell checker and if they find your page a candidate or it has problems then they will spam flag it for good.
Penguin Update:
On-Page Keyword Spam Detector Released April 24th and 25th of 2012. It checks your site's on-site and off-site pages:
1. Non-view able keywords or hidden keywords (Keys included in your meta tags that are not present on your articles).
2. Repetitive Keywords and Keywords Stuffing (Keywords relevancy must not be over 10%)
3. Non-editorial Keywords (Keywords block of text on Footer or Site Navigation)


What is A Spam Flag?


This depend on how majorly your site's drop on its rankings.
Note: Spam Flag Page = Penalty
Rank lower on its topic it supposed to rank for (XYZ)
All the pages it links to it will also rank lower (provides less voting power to all the pages it out-links to).
Note: Penguin and Panda Updates has nothing to do with links, they only assess the quality of every page and posts of your site.


Fixing Panda & Penguin Updates:


  1. Fix On-page issues / On-Site Issues - Back link page of On-page SEO (Fix the Duplicate Content, Thin content, Bland Content, Keywords Stuffing, Hidden Keywords, Lots of Keyword Text and etc.)
  2. Penguin Based Negative S.E.O not Possible
  3. No Need to Delete Those Links (Google has already done that).
  4. Add quality links on your keywords. (No more than 30% Exact Match Queries {Red Apples Series}- E.M.Q, 30% Partial Match Queries{Apples go Re} - P.M.Q, URL 10% Generic).
  5. Natural sounding words throughout the site.
  6. Do not over optimize and let it look natural (the best S.E.O technique is Natural S.E.O).


Watch this video for more understanding:

Search Engine Optimization and Its Evolution

Even though Google's updates are out there, we shouldn't be afraid of it because first of all, they already recognized SEO White Hat strategies and that they are very much in favour of it which gave leeway's to continue what an SEO practitionert does.


Those updates are just guidelines in accordance to their policy rules which we've known that they only made it happen for us to be able to realize that we should also not abuse them. If your sites are having problems then basically you have broke some of it. You don't have to worry because I've already witnessed some websites that has been hit by those updates and eventually managed  to surpassed all of it. I've regained their positions in SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages) although some haven't recovered due to its webmaster's factors on breaking those set of rules.


I'm telling you this because what others may have stated that "Search Engine Optimization is already dead" is basically not what they think of. "SEO" is out there and it keeps on evolving every day. They haven't seen it at all because it's actually too advance for them to notice. Its evolutionary state has spread its wings from social media, content discovery, online reputation management, classified ad postings, Citations, blogging, and etc. on which I've believed that as long as there's an internet marketing, it will keep on evolving.


Always remember that everybody can say that they can be an "SEO Practitioner" or "SEO Expert" but only few of them knows the very essence to do such complicated tasks.

SEO Maniac - Content Discovery Optimization and Search Engine Optimization


Riding the Waves of Google Algorithm Updates Though Silver Hat SEO


The 20th Google Panda Algorithm Update was released so what are the things needed as an SEO in order to prepare for another wave? Being natural in your campaigns and always keep in mind that these updates could be useful because Google is really cleaning up its system providing users the best quality output they can provide and maintaining their crown being the best search engine that is up and running. We shouldn't take this one up as a negative impact because it is actually the opposite as an Silver Hat SEO practitioner.


Content Discovery Optimization and Search Engine Optimization Combined


I've encountered articles stating that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is dead and CDO (Content Discovery Optimization) rules because they believe that it's due to Google's algorithm updates such as the Panda and Penguin. SEO is actually evolving and not dead because the said CDO can be much stronger with SEO along side. These two powerful methods can rank your website on Google SERP's today and I can attest to it because I've been using it all along ever since here on my SEO Maniac SEO Secrets Blog as an SEO Blogger and it's very effective. Always Remember that having your site optimized before delivering those unique optimized content could lead you to victory. Social Media can also boost and spice things up to the top contributing to all your success as well.

SEO Maniac on How to Defeat .net Domain Ext in Google SERP's

SEO Maniac Web 2.0 vs .com and .net

Over the years, .com websites or domain extensions are dominating Search Engine Results Pages. They are very popular since its also considered traditional in terms of its user application. Another widely used domain extension is the .net, which is also considered one of the best domain extensions ever since internet was introduced.


How to Defeat A Website that Has A .net Domain Ext if You're Using A Web 2.0


My SEO Maniac that I've been using all the time is simply a Web 2.0 free site over these years because as an SEO Consultant, I really wanted to prove something which I'll be campaigning a site that's already in a loosing side. Other SEO can already predict that a web 2.0 cannot defeat a paid domain name. There's only one way to prove this right. I'll show you guys on how here. Defeating the impossible could led me to something more than what I'll be expecting.


The Secret Lies Within on this Article Wall


I would say that if ever I can defeat the said .net website using only this article post and could possibly defeat the impossible. Then basically, I can say that its secret on such purpose is only here on this article post and that it's for you to find out. Happy hunting!

SEO Cagayan de Oro Consultant

SEO Maniac


Still the Best SEO Blogger in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines


It's been weeks now that I haven't posted in this blog because of my hectic schedule. I've been working aggressively in order to show to the world what I'm capable of especially in terms of Search Engine Optimization and including Social Media. Most of my competitors out there are taking it as an advantage while I'm away but then they didn't realize that this is part of my SEO experiment in which I was trying to accomplish. There's this hole in my mind that I need to fill in. That is why I'm doing it in a long period of time. It's just one clue I'm having here and that is the term "frequency" if you already know that.


Being an SEO Consultant in Cebu is Part of My Experiment?


If you don't know what I'm up to here then you better check on my old posts. I'm basically trying all my best to decode what Google is up to and after all, they primarily left me a clue that holds the key towards everything. Search Engine Optimization is a complicated thing that needs to be handled with special care. SEO and Cebu City is another thing I'm interested in and I'm reusing my strategies in order to assist and prove this hypothesis of mine. I hope it works well and be used by other SEO as well who is following this blog I'm having.


Having SEO in Manila Will Soon be Part of All this? Stay Tuned!


I'm thinking here whether SEO in Manila be included on my upcoming SEO projects in terms of my experiments. Why shouldn't I do that? I'm just having second thoughts here but well, you'll know soon if you can see a post regarding that.


One of the Best SEO in the Philippines


I'm not on top but I would love to, that is why I'm just only one of it so that really explains everything. It's not really my desired niche and I'm just trying to mess your head and throw a big stone in order to let you know that you shouldn't let your guards down because I'm always here watching your back.


SEO Maniac Continue to Dominate SEO in Asia Itself


I've discovered a hole in Asia that is why I'm taking it as an advantage because sooner or later, it will be infested and if I didn't grab that opportunity, I may have lost it for good. So grab your tags and set up your categories and outflank your competitors with a good post and that this as an advice.


Trying to Dominate the World in Terms of SEO Blogging


Take this as an opportunity to let the world know how to dominate in just a wink of an eye. Blogging needs to be consistent and accurate while SEO needs to be handled with everything you've especially that the two dreadful Google Updates out there which is the panda and penguin watching every glimpse and steps you make. My advice is to be poetic and natural in every campaign you are having. Let them know that you can absorb it as well no matter how and what it takes. Be creative and unique all the time.


SEO Secrets that I've Unraveled in a Box


If you have read and understood all of my previous posts, then that means you already have it in you. The only thing is how and when to implement all of it because to see here is to believe and using your very own intuition especially your eyes, you'll be the judge of it and that's basically all that I can say here.

SEO Maniac in Cebu City, Philippines in Asia as an SEO Blogger and Writer


SEO Maniac in Cebu City

I spent my vacation at Cebu City last July 14th 2012 and had a great and enjoyable stay back there. We did island hoping and some wild urban extreme adventures. I want to thank my friends who are with me including my beloved Honey who gave me the opportunity to visit there. I've meet friends who are very accommodating; we did some boosting and jamming. I went to extreme places and had enjoyed all of it.


Spend A Little Time for Yourself to Become A More Effective SEO

If you are an extreme SEO, you also need to spend time for yourself in order to explore and conquer the things you really like and to unwind and free your mind from all your work. This is a good SEO practice in order to reset all the stress that you are facing when at work. Being an SEO Consultant or practitioner needs responsibility and management. It doesn’t mean that you have to work all the time and stay where you at just become the best.

SEO Maniac as an SEO Blogger and Writer

I realized that blogging is really something worth having for. I can imagine myself working at different places and traveling around beautiful spots locally here in the Philippines. Doing SEO Blogging and giving SEO tips & advice, news and updates combining natural blogging itself. I really think that it will really entail great results in my SEO career. All I'll need is a good DSLR Camera and a new good laptop as well to do the desired SEO fantasy. This is my SEO dream that will come true soon. I also want to add up that I’m not only targeting the Philippines but as well as Asia and other continents as well. So sit back and enjoy my updates guys. I know you will love all of it and I’ll be giving you tips on how to make this thing happen in just a wink of an eye.

SEO Maniac - Find me on

SEO Blogger


SEO Blogger

Becoming an SEO is one of the most difficult paths in today’s online jobs specifically in global competitive Internet Marketing Industry. How much more for an SEO Blogger or an SEO Writer be, that most company requires? An ordinary writer knows how to deal and generate good quality write-ups but basically doesn't know where to hit its specific targeted niche unlike for an SEO Blogger that would always know on where to strike to rank well in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). The latter always becomes the winner in this field since he is mostly versatile when it comes to online related goal (rakings = traffic) producing huge amount of it.


SEO Maniac as an SEO Blogger in the Philippines Including Asia Itself

I didn't intend to be an SEO Blogger but then I've just realized how important it is to become one especially nowadays. It suited me more because before I became an SEO Consultant, I was a natural Online Article Writer way back 2006 and at Troind in 2008 and up until now being an SEO Blogger. I only wrote things the way I like back then and including my experiences making it more poetic, unique and artistic. I've my own style in writing and I've developed it through these years. As a natural blogger and writer by heart, I can really say and differ how difficult things I've been though. I was then introduced to SEO by a good friend of mine Tabbyfied in an SEO Company and was later on harnessed by today's no. 1 SEO Expert in Google itself and couple of years after such training, I've learned SEO writing especially meta and promotional writings and later on developed my own way that has changed my SEO life entirely.

SEO Maniac on Blog as an SEO

Search Engine Optimization is my job including my passion itself and was inspired by it ever since to continue doing what I've learned through these years, I need to blog all the things that relates to SEO including Social Media Marketing. The things I've discovered would benefit others and for me to teach those who followed me including those people who will still to follow soon. This is just a beginning of SEO Maniac's SEO Secrets Blog. I'll ensure everything that I'll find should go hereon including the most important things I already found. I also want to add all the secrets with regards to SEO will soon be revealed here so sit back and enjoy as we dive deep towards the deepest and advance SEO I'll about to teach.

SEO Maniac's Going Out on SEO Asia's Battleground


Every SEO should know that targeting local areas isn't enough on becoming something more effective. That is why I'm moving out to continue fighting this SEO war towards its heart itself soon. Moving out on a different and much bigger battlefield such as SEO Asia creating different strategies and methods should keep the wheel turning. I've befriended lots of individual on my way up but then not realizing that I've also created unseen enemies with single purpose was only to destroy what you I've created but then all I can say to them is that they won't succeed because no matter what happens I won't be giving any single effort to give them what they wanted.
I will be moving my campaigns to another level that is high enough so that my enemies won't reach me there because I know how to maneuver my niches without changing my foot prints so that other SEO would also know which way they will choose in order to get there. I'm sure my enemies will follow but then by the time they will reach that destination, I won't be there anymore because I'm already on my way again to another way in which they will realize that they should follow me again somehow. I will convert those who will try to destroy me and converting them as my Tweeps. SEO Consultant SEO Maniac will soon dominate SEO Philippines and SEO Asia itself.

SEO Secrets Unraveled over SEO Cagayan de Oro Domination

Hi everyone my name is SEO Maniac and I would like to share to you this experimental blog that I've been doing all the time for months now. Basically, it reached beyond what I've been expecting and its results are very much tremendous in the sense that it was not affected by recently Google's Penguin Update that affected lots of webmasters and SEO individuals who are trying to rank their websites abruptly. So with that said, I would like to share to you regarding the most basic technique that I've been doing ever since. 


SEO Cagayan de Oro Secrets towards SEO Philippines Revealed

Optimizing your site the way Google finds your site amusing so I did optimized my website in a way that Google finds and if they manually read it, they will really see that I'm doing what they wanted me or a natural blogger would really do in order to share things in a natural way or style. So with that said you need to be a natural SEO blogger who only wanted to share to the world that you care and help others who wanted to do SEO in a natural way.

Domination over Keywords Related to SEO Cagayan de Oro and SEO Philippines

I did what is really in my mind on my beloved field of work and implemented my post-penguin techniques and methods because being an SEO after such penguin update last April means everything to me and by defeating those titans out there, I really need to find a way that would really work despite the penguin out there. So I've spread a bit on my desired keys SEO Cagayan de Oro or SEO in Cagayan de Oro City in order to proceed to my desired keywords which is SEO Philippines. I've also concluded some experiments over these following keywords below:
• Certified SMO consultant
• Certified SMM consultant
• No 1 SEO consultant Philippines
• No 1 SMM consultant Philippines
• No 1 SMO consultant Philippines
• SEO consultant Cagayan de Oro
• SEO consultant Cagayan
• SEO consultant CDO
• SMO consultant CDO
• SMO consultant Cagayan de Oro
• SMO consultant Cagayan
• SEO specialist Cagayan
• SEO specialist Cagayan de Oro
• SEO specialist CDO
• SEO expert CDO
• SEO expert Cagayan de Oro
• SEO expert Cagayan
• SMO specialist Cagayan
• SMO specialist Cagayan de Oro
• SMO specialist CDO
• Social media consultant Cagayan de Oro
• Social media consultant Cagayan
• SEO virtual assistant Cagayan de Oro
• SEO virtual assistant Cagayan
• SEO virtual assistant CDO
• SEO virtual assistant CDO
• SEO Expert Cagayan de Oro
• SMM consultant Cagayan de Oro
• SMM consultant Cagayan
• SMM consultant CDO
• SMM consultant CDO
• SMM consultant Cagayan de Oro
• SMM consultant Cagayan
• SMM specialist Cagayan
• SMM specialist Cagayan de Oro
• SMM specialist CDO
• SMM expert CDO
• SMM expert Cagayan de Oro
• SMM expert Cagayan
• SMM specialist Cagayan
• SMM specialist Cagayan de Oro
• SMM specialist CDO
• SEO Mindanao
• SEO expert Mindanao
• SEO specialist Mindanao
• SMO consultant Mindanao
• SMM consultant Mindanao
• SEO consultant Mindanao
• SMO consultant Mindanao
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I've ranked well on almost all of it using my Post Penguin 2012 Technique . I'm not afraid of losing my keywords because I know what I'm doing and as long as it’s legitimate enough, then there's nothing to worry about. This is really an achievement on my end and I would really want to tell all SEO individuals to analyze everything that I've exposed. If you are a good Search Engine Optimizer, then you should be able to find what I'm hiding because I've left them for you to find out. I'm now going after SEO Asia keywords after such SEO Philippines. Happy hunting and wish you all the best guys!

SEO Maniac in Cagayan de Oro City On Google's Penguin Update 2012

SEO Maniac in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines is an SEO Consultant who is trying to implement a new strategic and proper way in lieu of Google's Webmaster set of rules and guidelines over these years finally came to an end that SEO White Hat Methods still prevails over Webspam A.K.A the SEO Black Hat Method with the help of Google's Panda Update.


Google's Webspam Update Known as Google's Penguin Update

The Google Team named it The Webspam Update in order to differentiate from Email Spam. Google's Penguin Updates last April really stricken and shocked the internet marketing industry and turned out to be one of the most successful update we have known in order to combat those who are mal practicing Google's Standards. Google is really trying their way in order to combat such hindrances they are facing in order to stay on top, they have to release the said update and try to reach those SEO White Hat practitioners out there to continue what they have been doing since it is positive and constructive as what I've read on Google Webmaster Central Blog. This will be the key that they allow and recognize such Search Engine Optimization practitioners. Search Engine Optimizers that are doing their legit ways along with Google's rules.

SEO Maniac in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines on Google's Penguin Update SEO Secrets Revealed

I've been analyzing the way Google reacts over the past years and I've found that the said update's main purpose is to eliminate and extinguish unwanted web contents (contents that has no value an only created for the sole purpose of ranking SERP's) that are causing trouble not only to Google itself but also to its users as well which can be very devastating if it's allowed to continue for a long time. It can affect Google's quality along with such value it holds for its beloved users. It can also degrade the knowledge of its readers educationally speaking that is why we have to anticipate and absorb every Google update has for us because it's for the best not only for themselves but also for their users in order to maintain the balance between knowledge and power in this cyber world we are having. My Secrets here is that we should think naturally as an SEO Blogger starting today and try to develop something worth reading or having for the sake of everyone and not just trying to do those fast but unwanted techniques. This is how SEO Maniac, as an SEO Consultant, SMM Consultant, and Article Blog Writer, was trying to advocate in order to convert those people doing SEO over these years.

SEO Maniac in Cagayan de Oro's Search Engine Optimization


I Love SEO Cagayan de Oro

My name is SEO Maniac from Cagayan de Oro City, I'm glad to say that more SEO practitioners including some SEO companies here are aiming for the term  SEO Cagayan de Oro, known to be a milk and honey keywords. Some SEO Individuals out there are becoming way so desperate when it comes to ranking this desired keywords. I can see that they should really take this seriously if they are into competitive Search Engine Optimization games.

Competitions are always there because our SEO Industry is really getting bigger and that more people anticipate and have learned to embraced it and had decided to join the bandwagon. It's good to know that we are really getting somewhere. We should never quit it once you have already absorbed it in your hearts.


How I Got the SEO Robot Title Rather than just SEO Maniac Here in Cagayan de Oro

People call me SEO Robot sometimes here in our city rather than only my desired SEO Maniac and my pen name Shroomz81 for the reason that  they've seen me closely who can foresee things around us in an extremely manner and that my SEO lifestyle was way too much than a single SEO norms do. Embracing the fire inside by becoming a dedicated Search engine Optimizer helps me become a different kind of SEO practitioner. I'm not only dedicating my campaigns to myself that's making it more like a passionate love over it.

A Love For A Search Engine Optimization Development

I will give you a hint on how to rank for your website after Google's update last March. in order to start with it, you should embrace Blogging and Content Generation itself rather than only doing the so-called SEO White Hat Methods including those SEO Black Hat Methods (spam methods on ranking your website). It's all here actually if you can just see it and analyze the way I do it. You can always figure it out on its structural manner a 100% conclusion. This powerful Art of SEO can really be something worth having for.

SEO in Cagayan de Oro City?

SEO Cagayan de Oro


SEO in Cagayan de Oro City is the last of SEO Maniac's desired local keyword in order to dominate Cagayan de Oro's SEO Industry for good. His successful SEO Experiments are really going to shake the entire SEO industry. Some people say that he is only using the so-called SEO Black Hat Methods but others insist that he is using SEO White Hat Methods. It is really clear that he is using both which is known as the SEO Grey Hat strategies.


SEO in Cagayan de Oro City Will Shake the Entire SEO Industry Soon


Many people involved in Search Engine Optimization especially here in the Philippines are only following the so-called SEO Traditional Method provided by foreign teachings and updates. My point here is that Search Engines such as Google are really doing updates in order to discourage over optimization on websites leaving the SEO Industry in a bad position that is why I suggest all SEO individuals, experts, and consultants out there to strongly experiment and find new ways that would really help all of us. We must unite and voice as one in order to shake and fight our rights to search engines who wants us out.


Term SEO Cagayan de Oro - SEO Maniac Experimental SEO Keys?


If this new experiment works for SEO maniac's desired keys then this new way of optimization can be used by most SEO experts as they talk last  SEO Consultants  in wiki. My sole intention is to use this diversified SEO Techniques to be able to contribute in the SEO Industry not only in the Philippines but throughout every corners of the SEO world.

SEO Consultant's Secrets Revealed in the Philippines

SEO Consultant Philippines

SEO Maniac, a Filipino citizen and a certified SEO Consultant, SMM Consultant, and Article Blog Writer in the Philippines revealed his SEO Secrets. He is a passionate SEO VA (Virtual Assistant) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) Consultant who works from home and a dedicated SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMM (Social Media Marketing ).

SEO Maniac’s SEO Secrets Blog Revealed Its True Purpose On SEO Consultant Philippines Article Post


SEO Maniac SEO Secrets Blog is an experimental SEO blog created solely for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) updates and for analyzing how search engine crawlers’ rate and rank websites in their respective SERP (Search Engine Results Page). One of his SEO experimental cracks was actually simultaneous to Google's semantic search updates launch Codename Deep Maroon last March that was focusing on keyword densities using symbols that is good for indexing. SEO Maniac did not know what Google was up to during those times and SEO Maniac only analyzed the weight of such keyword densities using those symbols.

Project Name: SEO Mania by SEO Maniac – SEO Consultant Philippines

So in order spice things up, SEO Maniac decided to experiment on this long-tailed keywords SEO Consultant Philippines and let’s just see if this really works and weight more than other respected SEO Methods out there today. SEO Maniac is using his hybrid SEO Grey Hat technique for this SEO Acquisition. This Project SEO Mania was already tried last March and will be tried on this April post again in order to strengthen what needs to be on this SEO research. As an SEO Analyst and Consultant in the Philippines, SEO Mania will surely succeed and will do this on his next project on SEO Cagayan de Oro.

SEO Domination Over SEO Philippines and SEO Cagayan de Oro Keywords!


SEO Philippines
SEO Maniac's Search Engine Rankings in Cagayan de Oro City amazed us all. SEO in the Philippines in Google are now unstoppable and unbearable for individuals doing the same thing. Dominating every local keyword combinations like SEO Consultant in Cagayan de Oro, SEO Expert in Cagayan de Oro, SEO Specialist Cagayan de Oro and SEO Mindanao. He's not only aiming for SEO Cagayan de Oro related words but also SEO Philippines related keywords too in his upcoming updates. These competitive local keyword campaigns are very important in his career as a certified SEO Practitioner not only because of its professional popularity which entails greater internet marketing results but for its SEO legacy in the SEO Industry itself. 
He's friends call him SEO Robot Philippines because of his interest, passion, and dedication to Search Engine Optimization. He won't stop until he's on top of it no matter what will happen to his beloved SEO campaigns. His love for Search Engines, media advertising and internet marketing is truly from inside his heart delivering and providing great success to his clients and friends in the so called SEO Industry and our Cyber World.

The Reason of His Success through These Years Doing SEO Experiments and Research

His previous article post that was published last March 26, 2012 titled SEO Maniac on the Upcoming Google's Semantic Search Update 2012 gave an impact and was a very successful one. Believe it or not, in just 3 days, his article post was on top of its long tailed targeted keywords semantic search update and Google's Semantic Search Update of 2012. This is the reason why SEO Maniac succeeded and because of it, he changed and chooses a different path which led him to pursue SEO White Hat Techniques rather than believing on its contrary, the SEO Black Hat method.

SEO Secrets and Analysis Unraveled

SEO Secrets are already here if you could only see and analyze how this article post including some of his previous posts was made and optimized. All those SEO proclaimed individuals including some companies didn't know this because most of them are only following what others told and then it just twisted their minds. I can really say how SEO Mania has turned the tide and monopolized everyone’s heart and then left them with a big question mark hanging around their walls. So do not worry because I've just revealed to you the greatest SEO clue here in order to eliminate those blockages inside you and so that you can continue with your SEO lives doing a better and much smarter SEO campaigns.


SEO Maniac On The Upcoming Google's Semantic Search Update 2012


SEO Maniac Updates: Google Semantic Search Update


Google Team is planning their way out to penalize and extinguish spam and overly optimized sites with their upcoming Semantic Search Update. Google's Head Engineer Matt Cutts said and explains: “We are trying to make GoogleBot smarter, make our relevance better, and we are also looking for those who abuse it, like too many keywords on a page, or exchange way too many links or go well beyond what you normally expect”. The next Google update will really educate those people doing automated SEO and using spam contents more likely black hat SEO, I know this will be implement soon in order for basic searchers get relevant results rather than those overly optimized websites in every Search Engine Results. I am very glad that Google already came up to this level because all I really wanted is that people should learn and understand the true meaning and spirit of SEO. I also really wanted change how people view and understand how important SEO today. 

Will Google's Semantic Search Update Be the Start of A New SEO?

This will really change everything if it does. Google's Semantic Search Update in order to understand every user's needs through its advance indexing. It's also an artificial intelligence that will distinguish structural words and its meanings. This Semantic Search update has already been introduced by Google since 2008 that changed their algorithm and now they will be introducing another one which will really affect our SEO Industry today.

How Can A Website Prevent This From Being Penalized By Google?

My advice would be to create a natural content that will really help viewers gain relevant information than making those unreadable and unwanted contents. We must shift our approach to doing SEO White Hat in a way Google will permit us. You should also change now your Meta title, description, and keywords to a much better and readable Google friendly way.

SMM Consultant Philippines

SMM Consultant Philippines

SMM Consultant Philippines keyword combination can also be a niche towards the Social Media campaign. SEO Maniac is also a certified SMM Consultant (Social Media Marketing Consultant) residing physically in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. A true SEO must never miss these skills because Social Media is another big thing as long as Internet Marketing especially Search Engine Marketing is concerned. SMM acquisition is highly used by an SMM Expert or an SMM Specialist globally and much likely in the Philippines. We should never forget that with Social Media is the future window of IM (Internet Marketing) and will be the most powerful marketing strategy of an SEO Consultant and SMM Consultant in the Future.


A true SMM Consultant (Social Media Marketing Consultant) must know his or her way throughout the Social Media Industry. A true SMM Consultant must devise, innovate and improve his way accordingly towards Search Engines especially Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO Maniac as SMM Consultant Philippines will try to develop his way in order to provide good way and result over his desired tasks. That is why SMM Maniac is going to dominate SMM Consultant Philippines keyword combination.

SEO Maniac


SEO Maniac

SEO Maniac is crazy over SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). It simply means that SEO Mania is really something that really works. He will dominate every keywords he wants because he's not only a certified SEO Consultant and Specialist, who is passionate over Search Engine Optimization. He will do everything in order rank a website in the respected SERP (Search Engine Results Page). He is also a certified SMO Consultant (Social Media Consultant) and Article Blog Writer in the Philippines.

This craziness will be his way towards his goal. His SEO Grey Hat Techniques and unique experimental way will dominate every practitioner in his respective fields. He is the true SEO Maniac who loves to be called with this title.

SEO Consultant


SEO Consultant


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of making optimized websites or by optimizing websites that already exist in order for it to contribute to its readers and to dominate search engine rankings. SEO is very popular because without it, a website would mean nothing because it would not display in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) resulting to zero traffic which means no readers or viewers can reach it. As an SEO Consultant and Specialist, we are bound to Search Engine Rules such as Google's Webmasters set of rules and guidelines that are made by Google itself to combat spammers or shall we say people who practices SEO Black hat who are individuals or group of SEO pips that will do everything, using unjust SEO practices and applying too much SEO to their websites contents regardless of its quality, in order to rank their desired websites. 
An SEO Consultant must know everything regarding SEO and Social Media. He must know white hat including black hat techniques but must not use the latter. So I will say an SEO Consultant is an SEO grey hat individual who has passion inside of him in ranking websites. He must bind himself to Search Engine Rules such as Google's set of guidelines and he will do everything to be able to contribute something worth reading as long as SEO is concerned. He must change the future of SEO and he will do everything to be able to do so.

SMO Consultant



SMO Consultant


SMO (Social Media Optimization) is starting to get more popular just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is much older than SMO although Social Media already is already present but the process in which the terms were used was only new in this era. SMO is only part of SEO which means SEO is much bigger and broader compared to SMO. As an SMO consultant and Specialist, I was involved in the beginning of such birth even though it's not yet recognized during that time. I also absorbed SMO naturally and that's the best part of it of me as an SMO Consultant.


SMM (Social Media Marketing) on the other hand focuses on marketing after such SMO has been developed and have been configured. It is one of the most important factor and reason on why optimizing your social medias must come in shape. Here in the Philippines, we use it as a mere channeling on driving sales and traffic reaching out millions of potential buyers and interested prospects.


SEO Mindanao


SEO Mindanao
I am very happy to announce that Search Engine Optimization Industry here in Mindanao located also in the Philippines are doing their best to rank high on this Keywords SEO Mindanao. This is not really a good and desirable key for an SEO Consultant or Expert to rank for, but it is involved in the process of becoming no. 1. You will learn this on the next chapters as we go along. So sit back, learn and enjoy the ride on this SEO Secret Blog which would reveal everything you need to know when it comes to SEO Domination in the Search Engine Optimization World.

SEO Expert Cagayan de Oro


SEO Expert Cagayan de Oro

Long tailed keywords such as SEO Expert in Cagayan de Oro is a good pick if you would like to rank locally. Formula (Main Keys + Local Area) wins naturally.

The above long-tailed keywords is much easier than SEO Expert in the Philippines because of its competitors and that there are many Search Engine Optimizers just like my mentor  SEO Expert SEO Steve who is already dominating the S.E.R.P (Search Engine Results Page) throughout the years using the same formula.

In addition, long tailed keys are much easier to rank for than short ones because it's filtered including its competitions. So go for long-tailed keys first and knock your competitors there before pursuing your desired short tailed. Never stop until you rank to the top!

SEO Cagayan de Oro


SEO Cagayan de Oro
Google Panda 3.3 update really gave importance to local search with regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I can really say that this new step can really differentiate local from global search because my SEO Cagayan de Oro experimental keywords for my site was really ranking locally after the said update happened 3 days ago.
I can really see the difference and importance of it on my SEO Cagayan de Oro SEO Maniac Blog, ranking for my very own local place Cagayan de Oro City would really matter although it’s just a local key. I also noticed that before such update was implemented, my site was only seen mostly on 2nd page of Google's SERP on my desired keywords, but after that late Panda, it begun to crawl up on its respective keywords. So your website's on-page and off-page optimization was perfectly optimized along with its relationship towards Google itself. You can really rank well in your desired keys.

SEO Philippines


SEO Philippines


SEO Maniac will rank soon for " SEO Philippines " keywords, I hope Google, Yahoo, and Bing will recognize it along with other important Search Engines.  These keys are really competitive niches but again; let's give it a try with such link structures I'm experimenting on. Embrace the blog's essence here and unravel the greatest technique in your SEO career. As an SEO Consultant here in SEO Philippines, I'm trying to find a new and better way in ranking your websites to the top along with Google's Webmaster tool set of guidelines. Search Engines must embrace SEO as a mere tool and not a nuisance to internet marketing.
This is a revolutionary start on placing Search Engine Optimization  towards a better and brighter future in the Internet Marketing Industry. Everybody should learn the basic and together we will unfold such SEO Secrets left hidden in the mist.

SEO Consultant Philippines


SEO Consultant Philippines
I think SEO Maniac is aiming for the keywords SEO Consultant Philippines because this niche really matters and if an SEO is recognized for being on top of the said keywords mentioned above, it's really a good starting point to soar up but I think it's crazy and foolish. Let's just give it a try and see if it does click an win against all odds! 
If it does, then I think he might proceed to keywords SEO Philippines on its next project! So stay tuned always and observe.

SEO Consultant Cagayan de Oro


SEO Consultant Cagayan de Oro


Why do important words matter such as SEO Consultant Cagayan de Oro? I tell you why, there are lots of SEO companies located in Cagayan De Oro City and I'm pretty sure they are all good in terms of quality and results but the local keywords I've mentioned above really matters in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) in an Search Engine Optimization Company. 

Being on top really matters in most SEO Companies in the Philippines and an SEO Consultant  would really aim for this words because this is one of the most important thing in attracting clients and projects aside from its company's legacy.

SMO Maniac

SMO Maniac


Join the Bandwagon and be SMO Maniac now!


Social Media is a good advertising window that drives every Internet Marketer including Search Engine Optimizers in ranking their websites. These Social Networking sites are all powerful source of back-links or shall we say they are all known as link magnets. Facebook and Google Plus for example are one of the many interesting social networking sites people talked about and explaining what they have accomplished in that very day. LinkedIn is also one unique and innovative professional social networking site that drives traffic to its members.

This is the future of advertising and we must prepare in every possible way because our technology never stops and it will only just evolve in a better position every day. So don't just left yourself hang in there, go ahead and ride every possible opportunity and enjoy its roller-coaster ride because we won't know what's coming next on our sleeves.

Reinvent, think-fast, and contribute every inch you have towards this never-ending light of knowledge towards a better and brighter future we are facing. Be an SMO Maniac now!

Spot the Blog in Google Itself and Captivate Everyone's mind: An SEO Maniac Way!

spot the blog on google itself


There are things in this world that is really impossible for us to overcome. One good example is Google itself when it comes to their algorithm ranking system. Blogspot has been acquired by Google couple of years ago and the best thing is that they contributed much and as well as serve everyone for free. 

I also have several SEO Maniac Blogspot accounts out there and I can really say that it really does rank high.


My point here is how can we overcome a Blogspot blog in terms of ranking in the SERP's (Search Engine Results Page) if Blogspot is already on Google itself?

Well, I need to captivate every possible resource first to be able to answer these spot the blog issue. Anyone knows the answer? Please feel free to comment below and I would really appreciate that.

How to Create a Fictitious Character (Fake Name) Quickly


Search Engine Optimization Specialist uses these free namegenerator website tool to be able to hasten their tasks in their link building camapaigns. This is what I've been using also for my manual SEO camapaigns. Manaul link building can always rule against those automated brainless tools in terms of quality and accuracy.

Fake name generator can also be customized according to your desired demographic targeting. This secret tool I'm now sharing to you will always do the job. My only concern is that you use it wisely by heart. As an good SEO, you have to take it by heart on whatever link building camapaigns you are on. Keep it up and do best! - SEO Maniac

SEO Maniac


Inside SEO Maniac, SEO Consultant and SEO Specialist


SEO Maniac is an SEO Consultant, SEO Expert and SEO Specialist. SEO Maniac is also an SMO Consultant, SMO Expert and SMO Specialist who provides the latest SEO services and SEO tactics using a whole new unique Modern SEO White Hat approach. Giving you a whole new level of grey hat techniques that will surely win your ranks towards your desired keys in the SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages).

SEO Maniac - Your Friendly SEO Consultant and SEO Specialist

Hi! welcome to SEO Maniac blog - your friendly SEO Consultant bringing you the latest SEO tips, guides, softwares, methods and techniques in your daily SEO On-page and Off-page campaign.




We will keep you posted regarding the latest SEO Specialist  weapons and tactics so don't forget to check this blog all the time. Thank you and Goodspeed!


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