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Riding the Waves of Google Algorithm Updates Though Silver Hat SEO


The 20th Google Panda Algorithm Update was released so what are the things needed as an SEO in order to prepare for another wave? Being natural in your campaigns and always keep in mind that these updates could be useful because Google is really cleaning up its system providing users the best quality output they can provide and maintaining their crown being the best search engine that is up and running. We shouldn't take this one up as a negative impact because it is actually the opposite as an Silver Hat SEO practitioner.


Content Discovery Optimization and Search Engine Optimization Combined


I've encountered articles stating that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is dead and CDO (Content Discovery Optimization) rules because they believe that it's due to Google's algorithm updates such as the Panda and Penguin. SEO is actually evolving and not dead because the said CDO can be much stronger with SEO along side. These two powerful methods can rank your website on Google SERP's today and I can attest to it because I've been using it all along ever since here on my SEO Maniac SEO Secrets Blog as an SEO Blogger and it's very effective. Always Remember that having your site optimized before delivering those unique optimized content could lead you to victory. Social Media can also boost and spice things up to the top contributing to all your success as well.

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