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I'd like to remove the "in" and "the" in this article's title but I've realized that it's better to have it on because Search Engines are also evolving accordingly. An example for this would be Google's Panda, Penguin and "HummingBird" Search Engine Updates that are out there. My point here is that these recent Google updates are very strict when it comes to quality content combating "webspam" and all other illegal approach as to what Google's Webmasters set of rules and policies.

In order to get rid of those inappropriate methodologies, we should learn how to absorb everything that might raise a flag over those search engines and refrain from it. Basically, we should apply the most natural approach and make good quality contents resulting to superb results.


10 Basic SEO Tips To Absorb and Understand:


  1. Content Flexibility - your generated contents must always be flexible for everyone to understand including Search Engine Robots as well.
  2. Technical Writing - correct grammar, punctuations, and sentence structuring on your contents.
  3. Frequency - use natural way on posts and updates so that Search Engine Bots would determine natural frequencies.
  4. Accordance - use the best search-engine-friendly approach all the time to make sure that Search Engines would never penalized your work.
  5. Uniqueness - be creative when it comes to delivering any results.
  6. Planning - make sure that everything are on a step-by-step basis.
  7. Organized - always have in mind that having an organized structure is always better than a chaotic one.
  8. Maintenance - always make room for this in order to gain deeper understanding to your desired plan.
  9. Research - try to find ways in order to create something new.
  10. Development - implement the new things that is relevant.


It's for you to implement and absorb those SEO tips that I'm sharing now. I've gained these for not only being an experienced SEO Consultant, SEO Blogger, SMO Consultant in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines all these years but for being passionate is the real key. If you have questions and concerns, don't hesitate to search and contact me using this search syntax on any search engines SEO Maniac.

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