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Search Engine Optimization in 2013 is much different from what we've learned in the past years because of those search engine updates that everyone is uncertainly talking about things they shouldn't do as mere precautions. "SEO Specialist" from around the world gather their research and came up with their different points of view on how Search Engine Optimization must be done properly.


Experiment on Keywords Placement to Unravel the Secrets of Search Engine Optimization


This new SEO experiment on keywords "SEO Expert Philippines" will try its way on top if my intuition would be correct despite those recent algorithm changes from our beloved search engines. To tell you honestly, those recent updates prevented me to do massive back-linking and search engine overly optimization.


Search Engine Optimization and its Evolution has driven lots of SEO Consultant including myself to think out of the box and to become creative in ways of optimizing SEO campaigns rather than just being traditional and spam in nature. Such algorithm change and updates has helped everyone become a better publisher, user and readers too. It also guides us towards a better and much brighter SEO Future.


Google Penguin and Panda Updates Reverse Engineering


Panda Update:

  1. Duplicate Text Content (More than 40%)
  2. Duplicate Design (Exact Design)
  3. Thin Text Content with only 2 to 3 sentences and image ads above 500 pixels.
  4. Bland Text Content (No Charts, No Image, No Graphs and no engaging rich contents) or Bad Usage Metrics.
  5. Garbage or Non-sense Pages ( Gibberish or alpha numeric characters only)
  6. Too many Link outs (More than 10 L.O)
  7. Link Rot - Link Outs/ Outbound Links that are linking to spam and useless/ Irrelevant pages (404 or Spam Pages).
Note: If Panda flags your page or goes through, They will take a copy of your index and run Panda with it manually, Panda is like a spell checker and if they find your page a candidate or it has problems then they will spam flag it for good.
Penguin Update:
On-Page Keyword Spam Detector Released April 24th and 25th of 2012. It checks your site's on-site and off-site pages:
1. Non-view able keywords or hidden keywords (Keys included in your meta tags that are not present on your articles).
2. Repetitive Keywords and Keywords Stuffing (Keywords relevancy must not be over 10%)
3. Non-editorial Keywords (Keywords block of text on Footer or Site Navigation)


What is A Spam Flag?


This depend on how majorly your site's drop on its rankings.
Note: Spam Flag Page = Penalty
Rank lower on its topic it supposed to rank for (XYZ)
All the pages it links to it will also rank lower (provides less voting power to all the pages it out-links to).
Note: Penguin and Panda Updates has nothing to do with links, they only assess the quality of every page and posts of your site.


Fixing Panda & Penguin Updates:


  1. Fix On-page issues / On-Site Issues - Back link page of On-page SEO (Fix the Duplicate Content, Thin content, Bland Content, Keywords Stuffing, Hidden Keywords, Lots of Keyword Text and etc.)
  2. Penguin Based Negative S.E.O not Possible
  3. No Need to Delete Those Links (Google has already done that).
  4. Add quality links on your keywords. (No more than 30% Exact Match Queries {Red Apples Series}- E.M.Q, 30% Partial Match Queries{Apples go Re} - P.M.Q, URL 10% Generic).
  5. Natural sounding words throughout the site.
  6. Do not over optimize and let it look natural (the best S.E.O technique is Natural S.E.O).


Watch this video for more understanding:

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