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SEO 101: How to Prevent Hackers and Boosting Your Online Security Tips

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I would just like to share my knowledge to everyone who's interested on boosting their security against fradulent and other hacking approach and methodologies. These important tips are very useful to anyone who's working 24/7 online or has an online business that needs it. I wrote this article because I've experienced the same these past few months and this article may help others as well. This is not that 100% working but it can really help people who has only using home security means at low-cost.


In order to combat or prevent these so-called fraudulent practices, one should really learn and understand how its system works. Research is really one good key to start with, understanding everything would really be an ace to this kinds of game. I've unraveled some important tips along the way and would like to share it to everyone.


20 Basic Anti-Hacking Tips to Absorb in Our Hearts & Minds:


  1. Always check and secure your email address by activating second verification factor or its equivalent.
  2. Activate mobile or phone verifications system on your email account.
  3. Don't just integrate one email address to your main email, use at least 3 or more email accounts for verification purposes.
  4. Find the best Anti-logger software to combat phishing and key-loggers.
  5. Always use the best suited Firewall for your machine.
  6. Only install trusted software manufacturers.
  7. Learn to use encryption and security certificates.
  8. Organize your files and secure them in a compressed file format.
  9. Learn to use security plugins for your browsers and get accustomed with it.
  10. Boost your basic operating system security.
  11. Always remember to only use one firewall at a time.
  12. Learn how to route your network.
  13. Learn how to change your device's Mac Address.
  14. Learn to use Mac Filtering security measures.
  15. Safe keep your verification codes and certificates in an external drive and duplicate it.
  16. Do not divulge your private data online.
  17. Use usernames in order to hide your true identity details.
  18. Learn to use port redirections.
  19. Using different passwords and secret codes.
  20. Always back-up your files.

SEO in the Philippines

SEO Maniac in the Philippines

I'd like to remove the "in" and "the" in this article's title but I've realized that it's better to have it on because Search Engines are also evolving accordingly. An example for this would be Google's Panda, Penguin and "HummingBird" Search Engine Updates that are out there. My point here is that these recent Google updates are very strict when it comes to quality content combating "webspam" and all other illegal approach as to what Google's Webmasters set of rules and policies.

In order to get rid of those inappropriate methodologies, we should learn how to absorb everything that might raise a flag over those search engines and refrain from it. Basically, we should apply the most natural approach and make good quality contents resulting to superb results.


10 Basic SEO Tips To Absorb and Understand:


  1. Content Flexibility - your generated contents must always be flexible for everyone to understand including Search Engine Robots as well.
  2. Technical Writing - correct grammar, punctuations, and sentence structuring on your contents.
  3. Frequency - use natural way on posts and updates so that Search Engine Bots would determine natural frequencies.
  4. Accordance - use the best search-engine-friendly approach all the time to make sure that Search Engines would never penalized your work.
  5. Uniqueness - be creative when it comes to delivering any results.
  6. Planning - make sure that everything are on a step-by-step basis.
  7. Organized - always have in mind that having an organized structure is always better than a chaotic one.
  8. Maintenance - always make room for this in order to gain deeper understanding to your desired plan.
  9. Research - try to find ways in order to create something new.
  10. Development - implement the new things that is relevant.


It's for you to implement and absorb those SEO tips that I'm sharing now. I've gained these for not only being an experienced SEO Consultant, SEO Blogger, SMO Consultant in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines all these years but for being passionate is the real key. If you have questions and concerns, don't hesitate to search and contact me using this search syntax on any search engines SEO Maniac.

SEO Maniac Google Plus Custom URLs Targeting Local Area in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Google + Custom URL

My Google Plus Profile has been activated! Google has finally decided to let its users change it. I've also changed my Google Plus SEO Maniac Page to this new Google Plus Custom URL from this image below:
Google+ SEO Maniac Page


The only thing I was surprised of was about my SEO Maniac Google Plus Page, Google was the one to pick my custom URL and there's no option to change it that is why I have no option but to take their suggested customized URL for my page that cannot be changed in the future.


For more information regarding Google Plus Custom URL, visit their link here

SEO Expert Over Google HummingBird Update in the Philippines


SEO Philippines On Google Hummingbird Update

How Can An SEO Specialist in the Philippines Deal with Google's "HummingBird" Update?

I've been in the Search Engine Marketing Industry here in the Philippines for quite some time now and I've been studying how Google updates their search engine for several years. I can only say that their developers are really aiming for a result that could be benefitted by everyone. They are really doing their best out of it and they were thinking out of their own boxes. As an SEO Practitioner, my aim was also to get along with all their recent updates because I know that they are doing that on purpose.

Understanding How the Google's Hummingbird Update Works

Google announced that Google "Hummingbird Update" rolled out about a month ago last September 26, 2013. Moz  believed it was rolled in between August 20, 2013 because of their MozCast Spike.

So why did they chose "Hummingbird"?

Danny Sullivan stated that "Google told us the name come from being “precise and fast.” on a Search Engine Land's article titled  FAQ: All About The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm. On that same article, it was also said that "Pagerank" was only one of over 200 major ingredients incorporated on Hummingbird.

Conversational Search and Knowledge Graph Improvement?

They have combined Penguin, Panda and all other updates into it. The new thing about this recent update was they improved their " Conversational Search" algorithm and its Knowledge Graph Improvement.

How Will An SEO Consultant or Practitioner Deal With Hummingbird?

Always remember the main objective of Google and to get along with that. Do not do "webspam" techniques and stay on the the so-called SEO White Hat strategies. I'll show some of my SEO Secrets tips that I recently dug up.
Here are some SEO tips for you that might help get along with Google's "Hummingbird" Update:

High Quality SEO Services with Post Penguin 2.0 Strategies


SEO Maniac - SEO Services


Unique Search Engine On-page & Off-page Optimization Services

One of the most important element with regards Search Engine Optimization services is the uniqueness of your contents. This must be taken seriously unlike before whereas web spamming can never be determined from high quality linking with good intentional approach in order to help users and search engines as well.

Relevant Keyword Researching and Targeting

This is a very important element when it comes to Social Search Engine Optimization (Social Media and Search Engine Optimization). In order for you to rank well on your desired niches, you must target long-tailed keywords that indicates medium traffic before going for the short-tailed terms. It needs to be precise and concise when you research for your desired synonyms and antonyms. One Social SEO Secrets here is to include it later on your meta keywords.

Creative Content Creations and Curations

In order to optimize your articles, you'll need to add sparks in it; such as images, info-graphics, or even inserted video would do. You can also add relevant links towards relevant sources that helps its readers understand. You must not also disregarded search engine bots. This will also help decreases your bounce rate on your Google Analytic.

Content Discovery Optimizations and Innovations

This is mainly focused on on-page optimization. You must be focused on your article's topic and must devise your own strategic keywords placements. This will help your article as well as your website rank well in every search engine. Content Discovery Optimization is another factor that we need to consider since the Google Penguin 2.0 update.

Strategic and Relevant Meta Placements

Putting up spam links has really tainted Search Engine Optimization Industry that is why Google has balanced it through their updated search engine bots that determines a white hat process from black hat process or globally known as web spam. Having these strategic and relevant meta placements not only help its readers but as well as search engine robots or bots that can also boosts site rankings on its desired keywords or niche.

Online Reputation Management and Vigilant Name Branding

Social Media Marketing as strengthen ever since it was introduced to us. Companies including small businesses are migrating themselves online in order to boost larger targeted consumers. Vigilant Name Branding must be chosen wisely in order to rise amongst your competitors. Online Reputation Management must be taken seriously in order to prevent negative feedback from your specific consumers.

High Quality Manual Link Building and Broken Link Building

Dreaded Google Search Engine Updates has shaken every corners of Search Engine Marketing Industry and this required them to submit with such rules in order to harnessed the industry. This will surely separates the white side of link building from its opposite. High Quality is really important in order to combat web spam.

Online Groups, Forums, and Community Engagements & Interactions

Social Media Engagements has been recognized to be one of the most convincing search engine optimization factor on ranking websites today. This has also brought back the spirit of forums and online community values which has been stripped several years ago by web spam using black hat tools.

Social Media Channeling

One of the most traffic magnet on today's Social Search Engine Optimizing processes. This will help companies and small businesses be seen by their consumers. This holds the spirit of social media engagements and interactions.

Unique Social Media Updates, Images, Info-graphic, and Video Sharing

One of the best way to gain online reputations and grades. These are the factors that attracts viewers, buyers, and consumers to a specific business. This also gives traffic to your social media accounts and websites.

List Building

One of the best online traffic magnet to use in order to help everyone reach their desired niches. This can really attract audience to your pages or even posts. List Building has evolved today, giving relevant content discovery to pages and posts.

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